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Business efficiency is a matter of revenues versus costs: leasing equipment in this context makes a lot of sense. Talk to APT about flexible financing such as hire purchase, lease purchase or any other type of finance plan to suit your requirements... Email Us
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Why APT?
Whatever your equipment need... whatever your budget... there's an APT finance plan to suit you

We deliver high quality, low cost asset finance to businesses of all sizes and types.

  • Even if your business is cash-rich, leasing makes sense from a tax and equity perspective. "Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates" was a powerful statement by Paul Getty...Years of experience in running small companies
  • Years of experience in running large companies
  • Years of experience in sales and marketing
  • Years of experience in finance and leasing
  • Fast and responsive underwriting
  • Keen rates of interest
  • Payments tailored to your cash flow
  • Commitment to quality and service
  • We make your business assets work harder for you
  • See our User Guide

Even if your business is cash-rich, leasing always makes sense from a tax and equity perspective. As Paul Getty said "Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates".

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