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Business efficiency is a matter of revenues versus costs: leasing equipment in this context makes a lot of sense. Talk to APT about flexible financing such as hire purchase, lease purchase or any other type of finance plan to suit your requirements... Email Us
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Supplier/Vendor Solutions
In the challenge for new business, APT Finance helps you win
Make the difference by offering the right finance plan to your prospects/customers

Empowering Business Partners

APT Finance has a state of the art integrated online proposal system that ensures that all our dealings meet and exceed our business partners requirements (in today's information superhighway). This enables our Business Partners to gain an immediate competitive advantage in delivering professional and efficient asset finance solutions and maximise their profitibility.

Using this system you can approach us 24x7 via the internet through a secure online password protected environment in which you can review a complete status report online from the moment you apply until the application/proposal has been approved or declined (with further features like email notification, accounts documentation, application log, summaries etc).

In addition, after the funds have been allocated, the end-user can use our online customer service section and access any information regarding his accounts (see our customer service enquiry form).

Flexibility and support

We are aware that every customer is different with unique circumstances of cash flow, tax, balance sheet and purchasing policies.

At APT Finance we have the know-how to make it simpler. We can structure deals to suit your customer's individual requirements. And enhance your sales activities.

The result is you can enjoy increased sales and better customer retention, whilst we take the funding, residual value and credit risk off your balance sheet.

To you, the vendor

  • Increased competitiveness and market penetration: offering preferential finance can improve the perceived value of your product giving you a sharper sales edge.
  • Improved cash flow: no waiting for 30 to 60 days, you can rely on speedy handling of finance application. · No credit risk for you or your business.
  • Residual value buy-backs: in many instances, APT Finance can provide operating leases so you have the opportunity to profit from the equipment more than once.

To your customers

  • mmediate use: customers can acquire assets when they need them, with minimal capital outlay.
  • Tax efficiency and off-balance sheet funding: depending on the finance solution chosen.
  • Preserves capital resources: Assets can be paid for out of revenue budgets thus overcoming policy restrictions on capital purchases. Asset finance avoids choking up other lines of credit.
  • Low cost finance: APT Finance can provide operating leases on high value assets, which can help reduce monthly or quarterly payments.
  • Flexibility: payments can be matched to seasonal cash flow.
  • Subsidised schemes: to maximise your marketing activity.

For further information,
please contact us or use the enquiry form

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