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Business efficiency is a matter of revenues versus costs: leasing equipment in this context makes a lot of sense. Talk to APT about flexible financing such as hire purchase, lease purchase or any other type of finance plan to suit your requirements... Email Us
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Business Partner Guide
A supplier's guide to sales aid finance

APT Finance has a number of very successful relationships with manufacturers, distributors and dealers supplying high technology products.

These business partners enjoy a great deal of competitive advantages using APT's knowledge base and experience in financing.

If you are a distributor of equipment, products or motor vehicles, and you feel APT is a company that can assist you, we may be contacted on (0)1491-642077, or you can use the dealer application form to enquire about our dealer services.

We have designed and implemented tailor-made leasing packages for many vendors and can help you to help finance your customers more effectively.

  1. Type of finance
    Your customer can pay for equipment in any mix of cash, hire purchase (lease purchase) or finance lease. With HP, ownership of the product is automatic - with a finance lease it is an option. The major differences between HP and leasing are the You're selling a mixing console or other expensive sound or video or film or camera equipment? You need the right sales tool  and being able to offer your customer a suitable leasing or hire purchase agreement is exactly that: a sales aid!VAT treatment and the tax advantages. With Hire Purchase the customer pays all the VAT on signing the HP agreement but with a lease the VAT is spread over the period of the lease and is applied to each monthly instalment. The tax advantages - which is the most efficient for the customer, depends on various factors such as the timing of his financial year end.

  2. Length of finance term
    Minimum of one year - two, three or four years common, five years or more only for "blue chip" customers. Can be anything in between, for example: 18 months to match an 18 month contract that the customer has won.

  3. Costs
    HP and lease rates are much the same,lower rates apply for large deals (£100k+), or higher for small deals (<£20k) and for poor credit customers.

    The actual costs can vary depending on a) the £ value of the sale, b) the credit worthiness of the customer and c) how the payments are structured e.g.: with or without a deposit.

  4. Payment terms and schedules
    Payments are usually monthly or quarterly. "Blue chip" customers such as colleges, police and local government, or large Recording equipment - analogue or DAT - can be difficult to finance through traditional lending sources. APT specialise in offering flexible leasing packages and you - the dealer - can help your client when you are one of our business partners...corporates, can pay six monthly or annually and "in arrears", i.e. nothing to pay for six or twelve months. Lack of budget is no excuse for not buying from you!

    You can offer hire companies and sole traders, etc. a 1, 2 or 3 months payment "holiday" after installation, so that they can generate income from the product before having to pay for it. You still get paid in full on delivery, of course. But "install now pay later" will often enable a prospect, whose cash flow is very tight, to afford to buy from you.

  5. Amount you can finance
    Any sale over £1000 in capital cost. Some of our funders only like deals over £500,000 while others prefer less than £50,000 for example. "Horses for courses".

  6. On or Off balance sheet leasing
    Corporate customers who have spent their capital expense budget for their financial year, cannot commit to a significant purchase even if it leased or put on HP. Under the right circumstances we can arrange an "operating" lease which is essentially long term rent, not a "Cap-Ex" transaction, and so "off" balance sheet. Good for UK subsidiaries of larger UK, US, Japanese parent companies and for closely audited organisations such as police and education authorities.

  7. Any business that  can show it is in reasonable shape financially is eligible for hire purchase. Use APT to enable your customer to make the decision to purchase on an 'instal now, pay later' basis - or any other leasing or hire purchase option.Who is eligible for leasing and HP?
    Any business - self employed, limited company, plc, partnerships, charities, etc. - that can show it is in reasonable shape financially and is based in the UK or Southern Ireland. Start up ventures can be fundable for leasing, but need careful evaluation by APT Finance first.

  8. How do I use finance as a sales tool?
    Quote an approximate monthly rental when you quote the cash price by using the three year rate

    e.g.: "£27,000 or approximately £900/month" (£27k x 33 = £891).

    If your customer shows any interest in the monthly rental, call us and we will sort out a finance package that best suits his circumstances and gets you the order.

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For further information on becoming a business partner,
please contact us or use the Business Partner Application Form

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