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Business efficiency is a matter of revenues versus costs: leasing equipment in this context makes a lot of sense. Talk to APT about flexible financing such as hire purchase, lease purchase or any other type of finance plan to suit your requirements... Email Us
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Finance From APT


  • A "Structured" Finance Lease at the end of which title can be obtained by the customer via a third party.
  • We fund start-ups, new companies and sole traders, who usually find it difficult to obtain finance for any purchases other than motor cars.
  • Deferred Payments Giving a customer a few months after delivery before they commence the lease payments is often a great help to their cash flow and helps the supplier to close a sale.
  • "Operating Leases" for companies with tightly controlled capital expense budgets. Their leases are essentially long term rental agreements and so off balance sheet and not classed as cap-ex transactions.
  • Cash Back We raise cash for many customers by a sale and lease back (or sale and leaseback) of equipment they own and which is unencumbered.
  • "Buy what appreciates - rent what depreciates" - PAUL GETTY. At APT Finance we take you through all the financing plans available to you to you and ensure you are provided with the correct financing solution for your requirements.Lease Consolidation We can often reduce the monthly costs of exiting leases by consolidating them into just one lease.
  • Supplier/Vendor Lease Programmes "Sales aid" leasing for equipment suppliers, everything from personalised lease quotations to a fully funded 'own label' lease programme.
  • Although we specialise in high technology equipment, we can finance any kind of asset costing upwards of £1,000 - e.g. shop fittings, computer software, bar & kitchen equipment and vehicles.


  • Letters of credit to fund the cost of goods being imported
  • We can help customers with short term cash funds to help with, for example, financing peak seasonal demands, moving premises or a quick purchase of second hand equipment by:-
  • Short Term Loans to suppliers for buying goods (costing over £50k) that are needed to fulfil a larger order.

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