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Business efficiency is a matter of revenues versus costs: leasing equipment in this context makes a lot of sense. Talk to APT about flexible financing such as hire purchase, lease purchase or any other type of finance plan to suit your requirements... Email Us
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Finance FAQ - Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase

  1. What tax allowances can I claim?

    You can normally claim writing down allowances on the cash price of the asset(s) as shown in the agreement. The interest element of your repayments is usually allowable against taxable profit.

  2. Can I reclaim the VAT charged on the payments?

    Provided you are registered for VAT, you can normally claim back the VAT payable on the purchase price of the asset(s). (Special rules apply to company cars.)

  3. Who is responsible for servicing and repair?

    Unless you have servicing and maintenance built into your agreement, you are responsible for maintaining the asset(s) in good condition. If you fit any replacement or additional parts to the asset(s), they become our property until you take ownership of the asset(s).

  4. What if the asset(s) is/are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed
    or become subject to a total loss claim during the period of the lease?

    Your are responsible for the asset(s) and for any outstanding balance on the agreement. Comprehensive insurance, covering at least the full replacement cost of the asset(s), is therefore vital.

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